The social media trend prompts you to turn an ordinary household item, or favorite ingredient, into an illusion of a coverup. 

Are you sick of posting plated dinner shots to your Instagram feed? Tired of trying to rack up likes of your pricey meal outside of the confines of your comfy home? Ah, well, we do love a great foodie post, but we have a feeling you might want to try something new when you hear about this new social media campaign. 

There’s a new trend floating around Instagram in which  social media users are highlighting their favorite foods by turning them into – wait for it – outfits. Rather than simply post an appealing shot of a favorite snack or go-to fruit, the food object can serve as a prop for a chuckle-worthy pose that makes it appear as the outfit du jour. 

The trend, started by a UK-based social media influencer, has spun off an account of it’s own: @objectsforoutfits.

You’ll be doing more than laughing when you see some of the adorable moments making it onto the ever popular social media platform. From watermelon to broccoli and even strawberries, you’ll be saying “aww” when you see how some families are having new fun with delicious staples that double as even cuter outfits. 

Here are some of our favorite ways families and avid Instagram fans alike have been stepping up to the challenge: 

If you can think of a colorful way to use natural, organic and humorous way to spin a favorite food into fashion inspiration, Instagram is ready for your creativity. You’ll bring a new take on Fruit of the Loom, for starters.

To take part in the campaign, come up with your own fabulous use of a yummy staple in your kitchen, strike a pose, and share the photo to Instagram and other social media platforms using the tag #objectsforoutfits. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!