Data suggests a few kitchen items in particular will be steeply discounted all month long.
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If you head to any store in September, you're bound to run into a back-to-school sale—but there are more than just school deals available in stores this month, according to retail experts at Consumer Reports. It turns out that kitchen appliances are often deeply discounted in September compared to suggested retail prices at other times throughout the year.

Consumer Reports regularly tracks the advertised prices of all products that pass through their rigorous testing criteria, and each month they release a report on which items are most likely to be affordable for those looking to save money. In addition to laundry appliances and lawn care equipment, shoppers can expect to find dishwashers as well as a wide array of range ovens on discount this month.

Dishwashers, which range from basic models to machines that are WiFi-eqiuipped and sync with your smartphone, can range anywhere between $250 and $2,000—but one sale on all models available at Best Buy promises discounts of up to 40 percent.

The team at Consumer Reports says that some dishwashers can actually conserve more water than washing by hand—those models with an Energy Star designation could be up to 30 percent more efficient in saving water than older models, a big help for those who face high water bills. If you're looking for discounted Energy Star models for your kitchen, Consumer Reports has a more in-depth guide to buying a new dishwasher right here.

Love to save money on new kitchen items? So do we:

When it comes to ovens equipped with full range stove tops, Consumer Reports notes that there are many options that shoppers can choose from—Sears offers discounts on more than 100 electric ranges currently, let alone gas options.

Many kitchens allot a standard 30 inches of width for ovens. Some "pro" models are available in a 36-inches, but the team at Consumer Reports says the average home cook would be better off with a 30-inch standard range, especially since design customization is available nowadays for those looking for a metallic, stainless finish. If you're looking for more tips on which kind of oven you should be considering, retail experts have put together another shopping guide available right here with 2018's best models.

You may think that the best sales are over now that Labor Day weekend is officially over—but many sales anchored around the holiday are available throughout the month, from Lowe's to Home Depot and even home retailers like The Container Store.