Sometimes touted as a one-trick pony, the trio lasagna pan is much more useful than it appears at first glance.
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Anyone who has to cook for picky eaters, or goodness forbid those with food restrictions, knows the struggle of pleasing everyone's palates. Whether it's having to leave out onions for the kids, skipping on cheese for the vegan, or choosing a paleo-friendly option for the fitness guru, there are plenty of ways cooking for a crowd can quickly get complicated.

Here's where the trio lasagna pan comes into play. Separated into three distinct compartments, this easy-to-use pan makes it simple to create dishes for several different eaters. Roughly the same size as a traditional baking dish, it perfectly fits lasagna noodles for your weeknight solution to meeting everyone's preferences. Through personal experience, we've found it to work well when making options for meat-lovers, vegetarians, and even vegans, all at once.

For example, you can make a traditional meat lasagna in one, omit the meat in the middle one, and add hefty spice to the third slot, allowing for infinite variations on any meal. Be mindful that your cook time will change in a pan that's essentially a much smaller size; this is like baking a lasagna in a loaf pan instead of a traditional casserole dish.

Although originally intended for lasagna, the pan works fantastic when used for meat loaf, brownies, and can even cook three casseroles for weekly meal prep. The options are endless, just like the list of five-star reviews for this product.

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