She’s up early on CBS This Morning, but this busy mom loves to unwind in the kitchen with her three kids and restaurateur husband.
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Credit: Brent N. Clarke

Norah O'Donnell is a busy person—as a host of CBS This Morning, she has to be up early and on top of the day's events. But she's also a mom, so staying healthy—and eating healthy—is important. Here are five things Norah O'Donnell keeps handy, so that her kitchen is as useful, relaxing, and healthy as possible: 

An Herb Garden

Credit: Courtesy of Modern Sprout

“Fresh herbs are key to making an everyday dinner something special, and I love the fragrance they bring to my kitchen. We live in New York City, so we don’t have space for a garden. The Kitchen Herb Kit from Modern Sprout allows you to grow an herb garden in a tiny space, and my kids love watching the plants grow.”

A Hand Blender

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

“My husband is a chef and first introduced me to the hand blender for making my homemade and healthy tomato sauce. Now Braun has a version that makes it easy to chop vegetables, whip up a delicious smoothie, puree soup, or mash creamy potatoes. It comes with a variety of attachments to make an amateur like me feel like a pro.”

Here are some creative ways to make calorie-free memories with your S.O.

A Citrus Squeezer

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

“The Imusa Lemon Squeezer is a nice handheld press. It’s awesome for extracting fresh lime juice for a skinny margarita—I use fresh lime juice, club soda, and some blanco tequila for a calorie-light cocktail.”

A Wireless Speaker

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

“I love this wireless speaker for our kitchen for more reasons than one: It’s portable, waterproof, and convenient for keeping by the sink when I am cooking. It is also fantastic for taking from the kitchen to the grill and then to the pool during the summer with my kids.”