These are the cutest additions to your kitchen and your dinnerware arsenal, with price tags at $10 and under through October.
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Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Don't you love the feeling of finding an amazing chachki that will always serve as a conversation starter or add a quirky element to your kitchen? We do, too. And the feeling is mutual for those browsing Sur La Table's 45th Anniversary Sale, where there's much to be seen – a great selection of modern kitchen staples on deep discount, yes, but also trinkets that won't break the wallet. Which one are you going to put in your cart first? 

There's an air of seasonality in Sur La Table's sale that is definitely palatable – our favorite is the pineapple motif heavily represented by a slew of products from lights to plates and beyond. But whether it skews towards summer or towards fall, the unconventional charm of many of these cheap finds are welcome all year round.

From outdoor dining to a playful dining table landscape that your guests will definitely appreciate, many of these products are less than $10. What are you waiting for? Run, don't walk, and shop the sale that is cutting prices by 50% for many products now through October 17. 

1) Wine Cork Place Card Holders: 

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

You know when you really don't want your mother to smother your new significant other at the first holiday meal you've all shared together? Seat her where ever you please, and do so with these fun wine cork place card holders that are much more warm than any other metal-based option – these will set you back $9.99

2) Bear Honey Pot: 

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Serving honey at the table can be a disaster – squirt bottles drip and leave gooey stains all over your surface, or even worse, your fine linen tablecloth. This cute little guy is a really fun way to dole out honey (or other stickily sweet syrups) without all the mess, and he's the best addition to your table scape for just $8.

3) Aloha Bundt Pan:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Okay, so technically this is more than $10, but imagine the faces of your guests when you serve up a piping hot bundt cake that is perfectly shaped to resemble a ring of pineapples (it also has shoppers thinking of Pacific volcanos). You can douse this cake in sweet icing or sprinkle coconut flakes around the rim of the dish, but anyway you slice or dice it, this is one bundt cake you won't see anywhere else. 

4) Pineapple Pot Holder and Towel Set:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

And speaking of aloha – your kitchen island is really going to feel more tropical when it's adorned with this adorable pineapple-themed towel set. The pineapple pot holder is Instagram perfect and rings in at $9.99

5) Pineapple String Lights:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Candlelight is definitely romantically appealing and all, but how can you say no to these one-of-a-kind pineapple string lights? They'd spice up any indoor or outdoor table and amazingly operate on batteries, so you don't have to reach for those extension cords. These babies are only $8.99. 

6) Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Okay, is there a theme here?!? Maybe. But for those who are avid salt and pepper shakers collectors, there's no way you can deny the charm of this $9 set. And for those who live in an warm or tropical climate, they're a must. 

7) Fall Leaves Spatula Set:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Maybe you prefer cooler temps for warmer dishes? This set of two mini-sized spatulas are Fall ready for any challenge you might have in store. Sur La Table has indeed worked this quirky hedgehog into much of its product line this year, and the charming illustration isn't expensive – this set is only $7

8) Harvest Pie Cutters Set:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Personalize your creations with crust cutters that make it easy to add autumnal embellishments to some of your favorite pies this season. This set comes with four different shapes, and it's only $8. Hello, Thanksgiving!

9) Owl Sipper Glass:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

We are never done searching for "sippie" cups for children who love to be enthralled by amazing shapes or colors. Made of soda lime glass, this durable cup features a sturdy metal lid and a plastic straw for fun and easy sipping. A great way to change up how your younger diners enjoy a fine meal for just $4.75.

10) Floral Cereal Bowl:

Credit: Photo: Sur La Table

Don't have a matching set of bowls for a lavish continental breakfast spread? You can definitely afford a set of these very sturdy and outdoor friendly acrylic bowls. They are .99 cents each!  

Shop the sale to give your kitchen and dining space a fresh fall feel.