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Pie is one of the most wonderful things about the seasons changing. The weather gets cooler, everyone's diets get a little more lenient, and out comes this deliciously decadent dessert. But what if you and your spouse don't like the same kind of pies? Or you're cooking for one and fear the temptation of a whole pie in your fridge? Our new favorite pie pan has you covered.

Chicago Metallic's Split Decision Pie Pan makes whipping up a variety of pies a breeze. Each pie pan comes with two inserts: one to make two halves, and another that creates a whole pie. This feature makes it easy to bake two different types of pie at once, or make a smaller serving by only utilizing one half of the pan. You could even get creative around dinnertime by pairing a savory pie with a sweet pie, meaning supper becomes a one-pan meal. 

Created with heavy-weight, aluminized steel, the pan and its inserts are nonstick for simple clean-up. Since the bottom of both inserts are easily removable, you'll also never have to worry about a pie sticking in the pan again. Before the holidays and pie season sneak up on you, grab your own Split Decision Pie Pan and get to baking.