Whether you waited too late to shop the now-depleted wedding registry or just prefer to give a practical gift that isn't towels, this budget-friendly item should be your go-to wedding gift, forever.
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Credit: amazon.com

Buying wedding presents is a bit of a personality test. You want to show how well you know the couple, find something that speaks to your tastes, and stay within your budget. That's easily done with most wedding registries until, like I did, you wait too late and find that literally the only thing left on the wedding registry was a bathroom scale. You know when I don't want my friends to think of me? When they're standing naked in their bathroom cursing last night's burrito while standing on a bathroom scale. 

Before I got married, I always opted for Champagne flutes. They're beautiful, special, and guaranteed to elicit oohs and ahhs upon opening. Then I got married and realized I never use my flutes (hand wash only, sigh) and I have no idea who gifted them to us. I do, however, remember exactly who gave me my favorite linen napkins, the waffle maker we use every Saturday morning, and crystal dish I keep my jewelry in at night. 

Lesson learned? Instead of going for the extravagant gift, get the couple something they'll use early and often, and may not even realize that they need. Enter, the perfect cheese board. 

This cheese board set checks all the boxes. It's budget friendly, coming in at $24 on amazon for a 9-piece set that includes the board, three dishes for sides, four cheese knifes, and chalk. Plus, it qualifies for two-day shipping, so even if you forget until literally the last minute before you fly out for the wedding, it will arrive before they leave on their honeymoon. Use it for appetizers, tapas, or even snack dinner.

Old-school wedding etiquette would balk at shopping off registry, but with the rise of cash-based honey funds and couples forgoing registries entirely, it's always good to have a go-to back up wedding gift that feels just right for anyone in your circle.