From a new cookbook (Desserts LaBelle) to her first jazz album (Bel Hommage) to a line of ready-made desserts, this musical superstar keeps tasty traditions alive.
Credit: Illustration: Compain-Tissier

"I like to be in the kitchen by myself," LaBelle says. "I might need a posse to cut up celery, but then I want you to let me do my thing. When you return, everything will be perfect."

Patti LaBelle knows her way around the kitchen, and she's sharing the four things she can't live without.

Take the Cake

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

"I love pie and cake carriers, but you better believe I always ask for them back. Elton John was my piano player years ago, and I would cook for him all the time and bring the treats to him in Tupperware. Years later I asked for all of my containers back. I knew he didn't have them, but he gave me a huge diamond ring instead."



Mix Things Up

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

"I use this hand mixer for so many things. It's so easy to use, and it just gets the job done. And I've got to have it in white. Most everything in my kitchen is white or stainless steel."

Add Extra Cooking Space

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

"If I am using most of the stovetop—especially at Thanksgiving—and I run out of the room, I throw the food in an electric frying pan. I'll have stuffing going in one and cabbage in another. These pans saved my life and I take them on the road with me."

Zest for Life

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

"I have to have a good new grater at all times. I've got to have one for grating garlic and zesting lemon. I end up buying a new one every six months or so, and this is the best one I've come across."