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Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

Who says you can't have your pasta – and wear it, too?

Zee Krstic
September 14, 2017

If you want to show the world how much you love carbs, you can now don these adorable pendants modeled after your favorite pasta – no extra calories necessary.

Delicacies, a jeweler backed by big names like Andrew Zimmern, has a penchant for creating food-inspired pendants and bracelets. Delicacies' Al Dente collection is the latest offering for those who simply can’t resist the allure of a bauble that's delicate, yet decidedly a statement piece.

Any noodle good enough for a Sunday feast is now ready for you to wear proudly around your neck: penne, rotini, farfalle, cellentani, bucatini, and orrechiette.

Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

These pendants are available in sterling silver, 24k gold, and even cast in a diamond pave pattern. We’re talking some seriously delicious bling.

Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

If pasta doesn’t quite capture your heart as much as, say, an artichoke, no worries: there’s a slew of staple ingredient pendants and bracelets that Delicacies offers in addition to the beloved Italian staple.

Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

This pineapple would be a great addition to any tropical vacation look, and we know Mainers and seafood lovers will wear this lobster with pride. Whatever strikes your fancy – from basil, carrots, corn, cacao, and even avocado – Delicacies has you covered.

Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

These trinkets would be a great gift for your foodie friend, and at prices ranging from $85 to $100, you can pick one up for yourself, too.

Photo: Rebecca Usry, Delicacies.

These pieces are something you can feel good about purchasing – Delicacies has a program where 10 percent of every purchase will go towards a hunger-relief charity, as chosen by a famous chef. Some names that the company has worked with: April Bloomfield, Stephanie Izard, and Gail Simmons.

A little bit of giving back while showing everyone that food is love? Now that’s amore.

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