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Who really takes the time to "sift" dry ingredients? If you're anything like me, you completely skip over those instructions in the recipe altogether—or, sadly, you just look for another cake, cookie, or pie recipe that seems less complicated. But sometimes the most delicate, delectable, and delicious sweet treats are the way they are because, well, someone took the time to sift the dry ingredients.

When it comes down to it, the act of sifting dry ingredients (especially before you measure them out) can really help make your baked goods that much more light and fluffy. Darcy Lenz, editor of and baker extraordinaire, says that sifting can help anything from cookies to pies become much less dense. Which is why she's excited, along with many other fervent bakers, that KitchenAid has just made sifting easier than ever.

KitchenAid has released a new sifter attachment that also weighs your dry ingredients for you. Plus, the automated sifter gradually adds the dry ingredients into your mixing bowl for you (read: your mixer won’t cause a major flour explosion.) Just like any other KitchenAid attachment, it plugs directly into the mixer’s head, and is completely powered by the stand mixer.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Lenz is a firm believer in actually weighing your dry ingredients rather than scooping out things like flour with mixing cups, and KitchenAid's newest gadget eliminates the need for a food scale. The embedded scale is digital and can be detached from the mixer to weigh food, even when you're not baking.

Most of the gadget’s pieces can be detached for rinsing in the dishwasher, which makes cleanup so much easier.

Compared to other KitchenAid attachments (like this spiralizer, which can help you make zoodles at home in a flash), this new gadget is a little more pricey—it's $99 on Amazon and is Prime eligible. But it's a small price to pay for helping you nail those baking recipes with just a touch of a button.