BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and marked down to $11 today, these meal prep containers are worth the buy.
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Credit: amazon.com

You've likely heard fitness friends swap diet tips, most of them about meal prep and how to keep yourself on track. Most meal preppers swear by having large, matching set of reusable, pre-portioned dishes that allow you to pack identical meals throughout the week. If you're into meal prep to make weekday lunches easier (and save a little money) or to augment your fitness routine, check out the Amazon Deal of the Day: a set of ten stackable 3-compartment reusable bento boxes.

Credit: amazon.com

Typically, this dishwasher- and microwave-safe, BPA free set rings up at about $29. Today's lightning deal marks the set down by 62% so that it's $11. 

One thing we love about the set is that it allows for easy portioning. You can load the large compartment with greens, then add a whole grain and a protein in the smaller compartments. 

Credit: amazon.com

Meal prep is easier when each box gets the same ingredients, so you could cook a tray of chicken breasts and a big batch of grains, then clean a week's worth of lettuce and pack five lunches each for you and your partner. If, however, variety is the spice of your life, mix up your routine by adding different rubs to the chicken, swapping chicken for salmon or lean beef, and making a few different grains to liven up the routine. 

Whatever you decide to do, grab this deal before it's gone.You can use it to kick start your clean eating routine,  keep your budget in check this month, or simply make picnics in the park and long road trips with kids easier.