Give your cleaning-supply closet a makeover

If your cleaning-supply storage area is cluttered, Peter Walsh, star of TLC's Clean Sweep and author of How to Organize Just About Everything, has a five-point plan for you to successfully tackle this I-have-no-idea-what's-in-there space. Just follow the steps below.

1. Empty: "Start by taking everything out," Walsh says. "Get rid of all the rusty and the crusty."

2. Trash: Most cleaning products degrade after one year, so keep an eye on expiration dates, and throw away out-of-date supplies.

3. Clean: Scrub the area thoroughly; repeat every six months. Use a flashlight or lamp if necessary so you can clearly see what you're doing.

4. Protect: Have a piece of lightweight aluminum or plastic cut at your local hardware store or home center to fit the dimensions of the cabinet's bottom surface. This gives you a nonporous surface, impervious to spills, that you can easily pull out and clean, if necessary.

5. Organize and replace: Group things that you use weekly, such as dish soap and garbage bags. Then make another grouping of things you use less frequently, like silver polish and ant spray. Now sort those items by function; all detergents should be placed in one container, and all spray cleaners should be placed in another, for example. Put like things together in caddies, and store in your clean, prepped cabinet or closet.