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Credit: Photo: Amazon

No matter the size of your kitchen, there's a good chance you could use some more cabinet space. Outwardly, you might have a kitchen that's as organized as the Pioneer Woman’s—but if your cabinets and shelves are a graveyard for mismatched tupperware and old pots, you should keep reading.

What if we told you we could instantly reduce your kitchen clutter and free up valuable cabinet space with a simple gadget—and it didn’t require any trips to the hardware store?

Amazon is selling a freestanding pantry-like shelf built on wheels that is designed to fit into the space in between your fridge and the wall. Making use of already available (and often forgotten-about) space, this five-tier shelf can hold all of the pantry items you already own.

Credit: Photo: Amazon

Load this $50 kitchen hack up with whatever you'd like—each shelf is about 5 inches deep, meaning you can use it for many non-perishables and kitchen essentials you already own.

Simply slide it out when you need to grab a can of beans or a bottle of olive oil, and then tuck it away into a practically hidden space when you're finished.

Credit: Photo: Slide Out Pantry

We couldn't have asked for a better solution to a classic kitchen problem. The best part? This one requires no major assembly or installation.