A familiar brand has a brand new look and line for your cooking needs.
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Credit: Photo: Le Creuset

Rounding out their collection of stainless-steel pots and pans and their famous (and envy-inducing) Dutch ovens, Le Creuset just introduced their newest line of nonstick cookware.

Featuring brushed stainless steel knobs and ergonomic, stay-cool handles that are designed to be larger, more comfortable, and easier to grip than other nonstick cookware, the Toughened Nonstick Collection is smart and functional for cooks of all skill level. The nonstick lining is PFOA-free and triple reinforced so it won't peel or flake if you use a metal utensil. The "toughened" construction is the result of a hot forging process, so these pan stands up to a lot of wear, tear, and machine washing. The stainless steel disk in the bottom of the pan is fully encapsulated, so you don't have to worry about corrosion.

We took a few of these new pans to our Test Kitchens to have our food professionals cook with the pans for a day. Here, their thoughts:
"Love the weight of it! So many nonstick pans feel flimsy and cheap."
"The nonstick surface holds up to its name, even with sticky sauces and high-heat sears."
"Surprised how nicely it browned. Some nonsticks won't brown at all, or at least not the amount you want."

Nonstick skillets are essential for eggs, fish, and more. Even cooks who have mastered the art of cooking with stainless steel pans know the need for something that's naturally nonstick is real. In fact, we named nonstick skillets one of the Only 5 Pots and Pans You Really Need.

The cookware is sold individually, so you can add a piece or two at a time, or you can start fresh with a 5-piece or 10-piece cookware set. The 5-piece set is $380, and individual pans start at $105. If you're going the one-by-one route, we recommend starting with the 11" Fry Pan or the 4.25-Qt. Sauté Pan with Lid. It's an extremely versatile pan, and it can act as a skillet and a sauce pan in a pinch. Because of the sturdy quality and versatility of sizes and shapes, don't be afraid to pitch all those odd pans you've been hanging on to for few good reasons.

Invest in a piece or two for yourself, or gift one to a newlywed couple, friend, or child. Unlike cheaper nonstick pans, these will be around for quite some time, and you'll certainly get your money's worth with every flip of a perfectly-cooked omelet.