During Sur La Table's Spring sale, you can shop lots of Le Creuset at a deep discount—including the classic dutch oven. 
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Sur La Table.

It's extremely hard to shop a deeply discounted sale smartly, especially when a retailer runs special deals on lots of big-ticket items, but Sur la Table is making it all too easy to decide what to buy during their Spring Entertaining sale. Every gourmand's favorite retailer is currently slashing the price of Le Creuset's classic 3.5 quart Dutch oven by upwards of 30 percent. 

How much savings does that amount to, exactly? Almost 85 dollars

Sur La Table has chosen to discount the "wide" model—perfect for home cooks who want a little extra room than the classic 4.5 quart cocotte provides. This special Dutch Oven has more surface area for browning veggies or braising different cuts of meat before adding any liquids or additions afterwards.

And since the price is so low, it's the best option for those home cooks who have yet to hop on the Le Creuset train—your first Dutch Oven will probably lead to another sooner than you think. 

Credit: williams-sonoma.com

There are six different colors on sale for you to choose from, including the brand's classic red and a royal blue—and the limited edition "Provence" purple that caused a lot of Instagram-driven envy earlier this year.

Credit: Sur la Table

You can also pick up the flower or heart-shaped dutch ovens at the same discount.  But if you already have your fair share of Dutch Ovens in your kitchen—it's an addiction, we get it—you'll be happy to hear that Sur La Table is also selling other beautifully crafted Le Creuset kitchen additions at low prices. You can get a Le Creuset 8-quart steel-cast stockpot for just $79, available in six different colors, or a lovely enameled Le Creuset teakettle for $59. With Mother's Day and graduation season just around the corner, this sale is simply a no brainer for anyone hoping to save major bucks.