Sick of tacky, cheap Halloween items? These decorations have style and they're on sale, to boot.
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Credit: Photo: Zee Krstic / Hagen Stegall

My kids are in the stage in life where they want all of the Halloween decor on my front lawn. Forget the notion of subtly adorning some pumpkins – they want to hang witches from trees and place gimmicky eye-sores all over my lawn (I’m talking a not-too-ironic Styrofoam graveyard with a fake severed leg lying nearby). Lord, have mercy.


But I kick back and love it all because, well, they’re only kids once, right? And it’s my doleful duty to play along now because one day I know, deep down, I’ll have to beg them to help decorate the house rather than hanging out with their friends. So I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Yet, I can’t help but wonder – is there a way that you can have outlandish Halloween decor without resorting to cheap tricks? A girl can dream.

These are some of the things I’d sneak into my Halloween arsenal if I had the chance, but for now, I’ll smile and begrudgingly blow up canvas witches that teeter in the wind.

Most of these items are on sale now, and with speedy shipping, can be in your home by All Hallow’s Eve.

1) Twig Crow

Credit: Photo: Pottery Barn

This is less outright creepy and more alluringly mysterious than a cheap, feathered counterpart. The lights are a great way to draw eyes into this unique statement piece that you can reuse every year.

2) Skull Glass Decanter

Credit: Photo: Pottery Barn

What a fun and appropriately spooky way to serve your guests this Halloween! If you’re so inclined, it could make a good addition on your bar cart all year long.

3) Rustic Broomsticks

Credit: Photo: Pottery Barn

You don't have to see a scary witch to know she's been by, do you? These beautifully rustic broomsticks have LED lights embedded into the tail of the broom that twinkle all night long.

4) Dark Floral Wreath

Credit: Photo: Target

If you want trick or treaters to have something interesting to admire while they wait for you to open the door, try this subtle wreath on your door. It's spooky enough without resorting to cheap tricks and cheesy gimmicks. 

5) Orange Porch Lights

Credit: Photo: Target

These are so festive and fun, especially for those who love a more minimal approach to Halloween. We love that it'll put people in the mood without overdoing it – a minimalist approach to festive decor without too much effort.