The actress shares her top kitchen tools and her go-to smoothie.
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Credit: Photo: Justin Coit

This actress and entrepreneur founded The Honest Company to help make homes cleaner, safer, and healthier. "We spend more time in our kitchen than any other room, so it's important to have reliable products that I can turn to," Alba says. "As for cleaning, I'm all about having great-smelling products that work!" Here are her favorite ways to bring her natural lifestyle into the kitchen.

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Olive Oil Spray

"A good organic olive oil cooking spray is a staple in my kitchen. I'm using La Tourangelle right now. I use this for roasting veggies and when I'm cooking almost anything in a pan."

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Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Egg Molds

"These Crate & Barrel silicone egg molds are so easy to use. I'm a huge fan of breakfast sandwiches, so I use these to make the perfect eggs every time. They're also good for making perfectly round pancakes."

Credit: Courtesy of Vitamix

A Better Blender

"I use my Vitamix blender almost every day. My daily smoothie consists of matcha, raw organic protein powder, coconut water, a banana, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and ice. The coconut oil and matcha give me an energy boost. The potassium from the bananas and coconut water provides electrolytes, and the protein powder keeps me full."

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Dish Soap

"Since I'm always cooking, I go through a lot of dish soap. My favorite is the Honest Dish Soap in Coastal Surf—this scent is so refreshing. I'm super-excited because our new formula has more than 30% more dishwashing power than the original formula."