There's actually a sous vide function on the Instant Pot Ultra models—but this slim gadget just might be worth its own purchase, especially for novice cooks.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Instant Pot has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile cooking gadgets on the market, and one of the latest models boasts 14 different modes for different styles of cooking—including a canning feature. But Instant Pot has chosen to release a few standalone appliances that are a bit different from their classic pressure cookers, including a new blender that has warming capabilities. Their first foray into appliances, however, allows home cooks to harness sous vide techniques with a slim machine that can clip onto any stock pot you already own at home.

It's called the Instant Pot SSV800 AccuSlim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator—and it's available at Target for just $79.95. Despite its lower price point (other models can retail for up to $200), it's very similar to many other at-home sous vide gadgets you may be familiar with.

Instant Pot's sous vide machine is very slim, and unlike similar models on the market, the user interface isn't compatible with an accompanying mobile app or accessible via WiFi. Those features aren't necessary to create perfectly roasted proteins and vegetables, but it may be why Instant Pot's sous vide machine is selling at a lower price point than other models.

According to Target's product information, this Instant Pot gadget makes it easy to maintain the temperature of a water bath for perfectly cooked meals each time. It's able to heat water for periods between 10 minutes and three days, and it can reach 195°F.

Credit: Photo: Target.

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There's no hardware needed beyond the sous vide machine: simply adjust the clamp onto your pot of choice and let the 12V DC motor do its work. The Instant Pot sous vide is also equipped with a motion-detected stop feature, meaning you won't have water flying all over your kitchen if the gadget isn't secured onto a pot (we've all been there).

Reviews of the Instant Pot sous vide machine point out how easy it is to use, making it a good option for sous vide newbies to try—especially at a $79 dollar price point. It could be the ultimate housewarming gift for new cooks this holiday season. And if you haven't already bought an Instant Pot Max or Instant Pot Ultra, you'll be able to experiment with the sous vide style of cooking without coughing up the cash just yet.