Here’s how you keep guests happy while preparing the feast.
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Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani

Sarah Copeland, author of Feast, knows something about hosting a party—and keeping it simple, so that you spend more time enjoying yourself with friends, and less frantically trying to get everything ready.

One of the best things you can do, she says, is set up a stylish, well-stocked bar cart ahead of time, to keep the drinks flowing. Here, she shares five tips for making your drinks setup bar none.

1) Anchor It Under a Festive Wreath

Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani

A wreath sets a focal point for the bar itself. My favorite kind of wreath to source for an indoor landscape is loose and long-lasting, ensuring low-maintenance throughout the season and a seamless clean up. Try any kind of wreath that incorporates evergreens and eucalyptus.

2) Add a Floral Arrangement

I never want the floral arrangements to upstage the meal. Keeping them low and tight leaves room for wine, candles, and nibbles.

3) Make It Self-Serve

A self-serve bar invites friends to make themselves at home and frees me from pouring all night.

4) Light Candles

Candlelight is a quiet touch that cues guests to relax and linger for a while.

5) Sprinkle In Inexpensive Accents

Pine branches scavenged from the yard stretch my flower budget. I use them all through the house.