Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets.
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Credit: Photo: Bed, Bath and Beyond

One of the most infuriating things about my mother’s Manhattan kitchen is the lack of cabinet space – and her inability to properly store piles of dishes and glassware. Her solution? To stack them all on top of each other on a single, tiny cabinet shelf.

Reaching for a specific dish means you have to take out the entire stack and place them on the countertop – or, if you’re like my mother, try to finesse a single dish out of the pile and shatter two or three others on the floor. It’s an infuriating game of porcelain Jenga.

I was about to break out my tool kit to install some additional shelving when I discovered an amazing invention – a faux, freestanding cabinet shelf that requires zero installation. The best part? Most varieties are under $20, and there are sizes and styles for every type of cabinet.

Credit: Photo: Bed, Bath and Beyond

I purchased a few sets of these budget-friendly metal mesh expandable shelves. I was finally able to group plates, bowls and mugs into neatly accessible stacks on three separate shelves. If you find yourself with a little more room, there are larger versions available to purchase -- like this affordable set from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

For those living in big cities where kitchens are the size of a postage stamp, these racks are a lifesaver – but even if you have a kitchen with ample space, we’re sure that a few extra racks could certainly help keep you organized.