Bored with the same old Christmas Tree? Your local produce section has you covered.
Credit: Photo: Evelyn SeoYi Choi

If you haven’t already seen this trend, get ready: it’s about to take over your social media feed. We’re imagining it came to life in a sultry suburb of south Florida. But honestly, pineapples are everywhere and the genius who decided to combine Christmas decorations and tropical fruit could have very well been from Michigan’s icy Upper Peninsula.

If a tropical centerpiece speaks to you, take the lead from these Instagrammers who are taking their Christmas pineapples to the next level. Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, you may get inspired to decorate one of your own.

Ooh, the Tiny Baubles

Have we finally discovered the perfect place for those tiny ornaments? They might get lost in the vast landscape of a evergreen tree, but they’re right at home here.

Let It Shine

This statement piece: gives the pineapple room to radiate.

Go Big or Go Home

While a minimalist pineapple has its charms, there’s something to be said for going all out.


That Perfect Touch

We love how these ’grammers are adding a little spunk to their holiday creations. You can almost hear Mele Kalikimaka playing.