You could bring Gucci’s signature prints and patterns into your kitchen and dining room, wooing guests with the fashion label’s first foray into the home design space – for a pretty penny, that is.

By Zee Krstic
September 11, 2017
Credit: Photo: Gucci.

High-profile luxury brands certainly have extended their reach into the kitchen before now, but Gucci’s brand new line of interior design accents, furniture, candles, and kitchen accessories might just make the high-fashion brand’s move the most alluring expansion into our homes.

Earlier this month, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele overtook Manhattan-based retailer Bergdorf Goodman’s top-floor restaurant to display the collection in full. Party goers clearly couldn’t get enough of Gucci’s extravagant and outrageous take on what interiors should look like.

Credit: Photo: Gucci.

Linda Fargo, a top-level executive within Bergdorf Goodman’s ranks, told Vogue that the collection is for people who want to “Gucci-fy” their entire life – dresses, bags, glasses, something for the baby, and now, interiors.

But those looking to “Gucci-fy” their kitchens and dining rooms are going to need more than just pocket change.

Take the Chiavari chair, for example – a luxurious handcrafted wood chair that’s finished with a lacquered red paint and a hand-embroidered seat cushion. You’ll swoon over the display of florals atop a true artist’s rendition of the cutest cat ever. But you’ll really feel light-headed when your new feline chair costs you $2,600.

Credit: Photo: Gucci.

The collection itself ranges from the more affordable candle and incense options (around $190 at it’s cheapest) and collectively gets more expensive as you go, garnering a whopping $30,000 for Gucci’s new silk screen dividers.

You can certainly raise your pinky finger while enjoying tea off one of the collection’s metallic-embellished serving trays. Nosh has never been so amazingly posh if it is served of a $1,150 serving tray, like the one pictured below.

Credit: Photo: Gucci.

Perhaps your dining room is a tad boring? It won’t be after you throw up some of this $360 Tiger print wallpaper (per panel, of course), which will really take a room from drab to fab in a pinch.

Credit: Photo: Gucci.

But our all time favorite piece from the Gucci Décor collection, hands down, is the chic approach to a television dinner. This metal folding table, coming in at $1,250, brings a certain refinement to delightfully tucking into something delicious while staring at your television. I imagine that Gucci didn’t necessarily imagine this folding table would be used in that capacity, but we’re all thinking the same thing here, right?

Credit: Photo: Gucci.

The full collection, should you be interested, is currently only available to peruse in person at Bergdorf Goodman. But the pictures are sure pretty, and they’re available – for free – for you to browse online thanks to Gucci’s international web-based store.