The Food & Wine contributor and Top Chef judge shares her picks for entertaining during the holidays and after. Find more in her latest cookbook, Bringing It Home.
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Credit: Alexandra Compain-Tissier

A Mortar and Pestle

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

"You can grind spices and chiles with a coffee grinder or crush them with the back of a heavy skillet, but a great mortar and pestle allows you to make infinite spice blends and more fully control the texture of your ingredients. And it looks great on your countertop, too."

A Beautiful Set of Linens

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

"Cloth napkins shouldn't be saved for special occasions—if you buy durable, good-quality fabric, they should wash easily and just get softer with use. These are some of my favorites and go with any tabletop setting for everyday as well as when I'm entertaining."



One Incredible Serving Bowl

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

"Keith Kreeger is one of the most talented ceramists I know, and I love all his work. The designs are so simple and elegant, ensuring the food that's on it looks even better! Investing in just one of his pieces makes my table sparkle for the holidays!"

A Champagne Coupe

Credit: Courtesy CB2

"Drinking anything in this sexy glass always makes cocktails taste better!," Gail says. "This retro glass is named Marie, likely thanks to the myth that the original glass was modeled after a certain body part of Marie Antoinette's. It's not true, but the coupe glass will add style to any soiree.