Peeling, chopping, slicing, mincing, and mashing just got a lot simplerĀ (and less smelly) with these fun tools.
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Almost all dinner recipes call for it, and some call for a lot of it. Everyone has little tricks and tips for removing the paper-thin casing around garlic cloves, yet it remains a pain for a lot of people. Speed up dinner prep and drop your cooking time with these gadgets that focus on peeling and prepping garlic fast and efficiently. Bonus: no smelly hands!

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

1. Joseph Joseph Scroll, $7,
Insert cloves into the silicone sleeve, press on a counter top, and roll back and forth to easily and effortlessly remove peel. Think of it like popcorn: Roll the scroll until you hear the cracking of the paper stop, and when it's stops, the garlic is good to go. No more standing around pulling off tiny slivers of paper while screaming kids chase each other around your feet.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Microplane

2. Microplane Garlic Mincer, $13 - $16,
If you need a lot of minced garlic all at once for stir-fries, salad dressing, or a soup, pick up this handy mincer. It lets you quickly grate several cloves of garlic without stopping to refill between cloves. The handy gadget even has an onboard scraper so you can easily remove garlic from the blade bits, and a bottom plastic well lets you capture all the freshly minced garlic in one place.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Casabella

3. Casabella Garlic Shake 'n Press, $20,
This is fun project for young chefs. If you need a lot of garlic peeled at once, simply load up this shaker, pop on the top, and hand shake until all the papery peels slide right off. The top doubles as a masher, so you can push it over peeled cloves for instant garlic paste. The bottom is sturdy enough to crush a clove or pop open a whole bulb.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Dreamfarm

4. Dreamfarm Garject, $38,
It's just a fact of life that sometimes you need garlic minced fast. You just don't have time to peel. This garlic press lets you press unpeeled garlic. That's right. Peel is pushed off, and garlic is pushed through. When you're done, open the press, and an attached scraper, push the garlic right off. Then, the remaining garlic peel pops right out into the trash with the bush of a button. Watch a quick video here.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

5. Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Press, Mincer, and Crusher, $14,
No knife skills needed here. Just place this garlic gadget on top of cloves and rock back and forth to crush and mince. When you have as much as you need, scoop out the garlic, and pop it into the dishwasher to rinse away the excess.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

6. Chef'n GarlicZoom, $15,
Here's another fun one for little chefs to help. Drop in peeled cloves, roll it on a flat surface, and the internal stainless-steel blades mince quickly and effortlessly. The gadget comes with a spatula so you can scrape out all the garlic bits, and it's top-rack dishwasher safe for quick clean-up.