Because everything is better in a bowl. 
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When it comes to making purchases for my kitchen space, I tend to have a utilitarian mindset. This often leads me to buying products in white, black, and, if I’m really being wild, grey. When I’m cooking, the food provides the color and life to what I’m doing. But when my kitchen is off-duty, it needs a little something, a little inspiration, a small reminder of the colorful creations it has the potential to make.

So, I’ve taken on a new approach to incorporate color into my kitchen. My first step is not only multi-colored but also incredibly versatile and efficient for keeping my kitchen game strong. Anthropologie’s iconic latte bowls come in an assorted set with colors that range from poppy to sea blue—a super cute color palette for all seasons. I can’t wait to set these happy bowls out on my counter for any occasion.

Anthropologie’s latte bowls are not only the perfect partner for sitting down with a warm latte on my couch in the morning, but they also work excellently as mise en place bowls to keep me organized and prepped as I dive into a recipe.

Credit: Sara Tane

Latte bowls are also a perfect vessel for trying out our take on oatmeal lattes: a trend that will change up your morning routine in the loveliest of ways.  

Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

There is nothing better than having a bright and cheery pick-me-up to accompany your meal. Adding color to your morning routine is bound to start your day off well. (We suggest using these for a savory breakfast bowl.)