This time of year is full of entertaining opportunities. And while you may have your menu set (here are menu suggestions if not), how you trick it out with decor ideas can often be a cause of entertaining distress. Fortunately, that's where the experts come in! We have a few quick decor solutions from blogger and entertaining expert Amanda Gluck from Fashionable Hostess.

Add color and flavor to your spring party with a gorgeous selection of fresh fruits. "In the spring time, I love to make fruit-infused waters," says Gluck, who recommends starting simple by adding sliced lemons, strawberries, and mint leaves to your pitcher. "A lemon wedge on the edge of your glass finishes off the look," she says.

Consider the visual components of your salads as their own ways to add color and texture to the table. "Kale, tomatoes, and Persian cucumbers with fresh strawberries and raspberries on top and a drizzle of balsamic is perfect for a poolside treat," Gluck says.

Take a closer look at the florist section of your grocery store. Consider skipping the pre-mixed bouquets and keep it uniform (and often less expensive!) with small bunches of smaller blooms, or even wildflowers from your own backyard. "I love incorporating wildflowers in a mix of glass and white ceramic vases," Gluck says. "I always choose varying heights for added dimension, mixing and matching to create the perfect vignette."

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