Now that Easter is only days away, you may have your menu set, but not your table! Don’t worry. I've pulled inspiration from recent Cooking Light photo shoots for these four quick and easy Easter table decorations that will wow your guests and give the impression that you have been planning for weeks.

Easter Nest Place SettingThese are like little love notes for each of your guests. Fill a shallow bowl with your favorite Easter candies, or you can personalize them with gifts tailored to each guest.

You will need:

  • Small vessel to hold the nest. You could make the setting without a vessel, but it helps to hold it together.
  • Gift Filler. I used Natural Gift Filler from World Market. It was great and held its shape well.
  • Moss. It doesn’t really matter what kind. It is just to give your nest a natural look.
  • Candy "eggs," jellybeans, or gifts
  • Chalkboard Picks

Farm Egg Bud VasesThese are so impressive, you won't believe how easy they are to make.

You will need:

  • Eggs. A big thanks to The Pantry by Stone Hollow Farmstead for these beautifully colored farm fresh eggs. Using farm eggs is a great way to add color to the table without having to dye the eggs, but you can use whatever eggs you would like.
  • Egg cups
  • Small kitchen knife
  • Flowers

Paper Place MatsUsing fine art papers (find them at art supply and craft stores) instead of traditional fabric or cloth place mats is one of my favorite party tricks. This is such an easy way to customize your table and add fun colors and patterns without spending tons of money. You can even use leftover wrapping paper.

The paper should be cut to a size that works for your table, but 14”x 20” is a common size. To give your place mats a more stylish look, try tearing the paper instead of cutting it.

Here's how: After you measure and mark the size of your mat, lay a ruler on the paper where you want to tear it. Apply pressure to the ruler, and in one motion, pull the paper up from the top corner and tear along the ruler.

Fresh Flower and Ribbon Napkin Rings

Bring a bit of spring inside to your table by rolling cloth linens and tying them with ribbon and fresh-cut flowers or herbs.

Need help planning your Easter menu? We have a lot of tasty ideas, from desserts to deviled eggs.