Crisp, cool watermelon is at your fingertips with this hack of a tool that keeps your hands squeaky clean and is great for all types of melons, cantaloupes included.
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Is there anything more daunting than a whole watermelon sitting pretty on your kitchen counter? 

There's a reason why pre-sliced watermelon quarters fly off the shelves at local markets during the summer months. Watermelon is the quintessential seasonal ingredient that can never be over-served or show up too much in the dishes we dole out; from salads to ice cubes to cocktails and even on the grill, there's no way you'd ever turn down this refreshing fruit in the sweltering heat. 

But there's always the fear of that one particularly sticky situation – watermelon juice all over your hands and up your elbows as you hack away at the bulky, hefty melon. Why do we stare down a ripe watermelon on countertops when the promise of fresh summer treats await you? Could there be a way to enjoy this cumbersome fruit without the mess? 

Alas, we have your solution. And it's only $6 on Amazon right now

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

Watermelon Slicer

First introduced by an Italian manufacturer in 2015, this stainless steel melon slicer is a utensil you never thought you needed. But it allows you to seamlessly cut and extract nearly perfect slices of watermelon, right down to the rind. 

You simply line up the blade of the knife on the melon's surface and push down to create a symmetrical slice – and using the tong-like structure of the tool, you can lift the slice right out and serve immediately. The tool is compact and durable enough to be hand-washed in a flash or toss into the dishwasher. And what's more? It works for more than just watermelon – you can enjoy a whole slew of seeded or seedless melons, like cantaloupes or honey dew melons, with a flick of a wrist.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

Say hello to meals and treats which don't require you to wrestle with a melon: salads, juices, desserts, smoothies, and fruit plates are no longer a sticky mess all over your kitchen. 

As for avoiding the stickiness all over your face when you dig into a clean slice of watermelon every day for the rest of the summer? We hear towelettes are lovely this time of year...