These are packaged in a set of 20 for around $15—minus any BPA—these meal-prep friendly containers are perfect for back to school routines all year long.
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

Fitness experts and their determined followers are always harping about meal prep, and how important that is to your health– the key aspect being able to enjoy wholesome meals and not derail a steady diet by frequently eating out. The same can definitely be said for your family's daily luncheon, whether that's a lunch box full of items for your child or a brown bag lunch for you to enjoy at your desk. An added bonus is the fact you're saving money by mass-producing meals using affordable ingredients and not dropping steady sums at restaurants. 

And speaking of saving money, there's a way to make meal-prepping for lunch painless that won't break the bank – in fact, it's a daily steal from Amazon on a regular basis, but now it's even more affordable thanks to Prime Day 2018.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon is selling a 20-pack of dishwasher- and microwave-safe food storage containers that are BPA free. Normally, it's around $27 for this set – or $29 for a 10-pack for a comparable product – but today's lightning deal cuts the cost by nearly 45 percent for a shocking $15.29 sticker price

With many types of Tupperware and food containers, there's only one compartment for you to simply toss in all of the components of your meal. That's not the case here – these amazing containers have two distinct spaces for your main meal and a side salad or sweet treat. You can mix up what is being served with your main meal everyday with little to no effort. And portions are always appropriate to ensure you're not overdoing it – or underdoing it – on a daily basis.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

With a whole slew of sourced ingredients, such as chicken thighs and a side grain or veggie, you can cook them in large batches and simply dole a portion out for each day on any given day before your next work week. Your child's lunch will be ready in advance and not be assembled hastily in the morning, and you can ensure they're enjoying a wholesome meal for the entire week—and this meal-prep container allows you to switch up side items to ensure they're not bored with their lunches all week.

Whichever way you decide to dive into meal prep, there's no way you would regret spending $15 on 20 amazingly durable and user-friendly meal containers. It's the gateway purchase to a clean-eating routine, a budget-friendly move, and gives you the freedom to take your home-cooked meals with you wherever your day might take you.