Celebrities, both inside and outside of the world of food, have joined No Kid Hungry in the fight to end childhood hunger in America. Their personally designed spatulas will be sold at Williams-Sonoma where the proceeds will benefit this important cause.
Credit: Sara Tane

For most home cooks, the ultimate dream is to share a day in the kitchen with our favorite celebrity. While that opportunity may only occur in the imagination of most of us, we now have the opportunity to use their own personally designed spatulas. Giving us the perfect excuse to imagine a scenario where they were in our kitchen, washing vegetables and tossing salads alongside us.

Thanks to Williams-Sonoma and No Kid Hungry, a new line of adorable, silicone spatulas feature the designs from influential people, including Chrissy Teigen, Jimmy Kimmel, Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten, and more.

Credit: Sara Tane

These new kitchen tools are a part of No Kid Hungry’s mission to end childhood hunger in America. For each spatula sold, 30% of the proceeds will benefit this worthy cause. Seeing that 1 in 5 children don’t get the food they need, we think it’s important that when we step foot into the kitchen, we are always "cooking with a cause."

Whether it’s making sure to avoid food waste or educating younger generations about nutritious foods, it always helps to give back to an organization that works to give low-income families the means to prepare healthy, balanced meals.

Sixteen million children in the United States struggle with hunger, and that is a statistic we are looking to change. To donate to No Kid Hungry and purchase a spatula, head to Williams-Sonoma, and let’s work to provide all children in America the opportunity to do what we might take for granted every day: eat fresh, delicious food.