Your mornings just got a whole lot easier.
Credit: Photo: Full Circle

For me, coffee is a necessity. If I'm going to peel open my eyes and roll out of bed to actually write things that make sense, I've got to having a steaming cup of coffee by my side to keep me going. Sometimes though, this dependence on coffee takes more time in the morning than I would like. The solution to my problem? The sleek new Brumi bottle. 

The Brumi Pour Over Hot + Cold Brew Bottle is every coffee lover's dream. Part of Full Circle's responsibly made collection, the Brumi is a home and travel coffee brewer that has 'convenience' written all over it. Featuring a double-walled 12 oz. glass bottle, along with a two-part leak-proof lid, it has a stylish design and takes up practically no space. Perfect for those living in small apartments (aka, me), or just lacking enough counter space to dedicate to a traditional coffee brewer.

Credit: Photo: Full Circle

The way that Brumi speeds up my mornings is its easy-to-use design. It can create hot or cold brewed coffee, perfect for someone as indecisive as me when it comes to beverages. The stainless steel double filter keeps fine grounds inside, making for a very clean cup of coffee. For hot coffee simply add grounds to the filter, which can be positioned above the bottle for easy pouring, before pouring over boiling water. Cold brewed coffee is actually even simpler. Just fill the filter with your coffee grounds and add to the water-filled bottle. Let it sit overnight in the fridge, and voila! You're all set to go in the morning.

“Brumi is the best of both worlds for any coffee drinker,” said Tal Chitayat, CEO of Full Circle. “This bottle is designed to be easy to use, while avoiding senseless waste like extra filters – making it especially travel-friendly.” Once you've brewed your perfect cup simply remove the filter and screw on the lid, then you're ready to hit the road. The removable cork grip keeps your hand from getting too warm or chilly, while the leak-proof lid will prevent any spills in your car. 

The Brumi is available in black online at and at select retailers, while the white design is exclusively sold at for the first month. Each Brumi costs $36.99 and comes with a bottle, filter, and cork grip.