“I honestly can’t remember what I did without it.” 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

If the thought of your freshly cooked pasta or ready-to-eat berries touching the sink gives you the heebie-jeebies, you're not alone. Depending how often you clean it (especially that garbage disposal), you might imagine the kind of germs lurking in the sink area. Unfortunately, many strainers and colanders sit so low that backsplash seems a little too close for comfort. To solve the issue, Amazon shoppers have found a colander that fits nearly every sink and keeps their foods high and dry—or high and rinsed, rather. 

Holding your food at the perfect height is Blue Gingko's Over-the-Sink Colander. The basket can expand and retract to fit any size or shape of sink—yes, even round ones—and makes kitchen tasks, like straining and rinsing, easier to complete since it sits above the basin rather than inside it.

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

To buy: Blue Ginkgo Over the Sink Colander, $15 (originally $17) at amazon.com

Like the over-the-sink fit, the hands-free design also prevents a lot of typical colander mishaps. Sliding, slipping, and one-handed pasta pouring will be things of the past. It helps, too, that the colander's holes are large enough for consistent drainage but small enough to keep food in, as one customer noted: "I was worried the holes would be too big for smaller grains but I was able to strain medium-ground bulgur wheat with this!"

And the BPA-free plastic is heat-resistant, too, so pasta night can commence without losing any tortellini down the drain. But straining and draining aren't the colander's only purposes. 

Some shoppers utilize it as a convenient drying rack, too, for organizing and keeping track of smaller cutlery and cooking utensils. "This has become one of the most used, and most loved, helpers in my kitchen," explained one reviewer who uses it in several ways. "I find myself using it for something new every day! It's versatile, durable, and easy to maintain….I honestly can't remember what I did without it. It doesn't take up a bunch of space, but holds a ton!"