It's only $15, and it's waterproof—so you can rinse it off in the sink after toting your veggies home.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Sun Jellies.

It's rare that we talk about fashion accessories at Cooking Light, but this tote bag changed how I carry my essentials during shopping trips—and it would be the ultimate farmer's market basket, too.

A few years ago, I was living in the Lower East Side in New York City and happened to be walking in Union Square when I spotted an ad for one of these Sun Jellies retro baskets: Yes, the same brand behind those squishy jelly sandals you might have worn back in the day. I tracked down the bag on eBay (they weren't available in America yet). It was worth the effort, because the tote holds all my essentials and has lasted me years. 

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sun Jellies.

That's why I included it in our ultimate guide to picnic essentials. When another Cooking Light editor read the picnic guide, she said she'd buy one to take to the farmer's market—what a great idea! 

The bag has since come stateside and is currently on sale. The Sun Jellies Tote comes in a few different shapes, sizes, and colors, so we're breaking them down below. Most are under $20, and since they're made of plastic, you can fill them with freshly harvested veggies and fruit and simply rinse them off when you return home. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags, and hello to a really cute way to get your healthy buys back to the kitchen.  

Small Basket, Free People

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sun Jellies.

Additional colors available here: $14.99, 

Large Basket, Free People

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sun Jellies.

Atomic Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters

Credit: Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.