We've had a lot of exciting visitors in the garden this week, and I'm not talking about the artichoke-eating voles or the blueberry-trampling ducks with tell-tale blue bills. The host and crew of the PBS television show Growing a Greener World toured our Cooking Light kitchen garden for a taste of what's growing and how we're serving up our own fresh harvests. Take a backstage tour with us, as we go from a rainy morning harvest with Joe Lamp'l to behind the scenes at the photo studio. Polishing tomatoes, crawling on the floor for the perfect shot, and lots (and lots) of blackberry tasting later, we moved on to the Cooking Light Test Kitchen for recipe development. The proof's in the pudding as they say, as Adam whipped together a blackberry shortcake with whipped topping, a Pimm's cup with our fresh cucumbers, and a colorful Miso Grilled Vegetables.  It was a full house at today's taste-testing, too, as we sampled a long list of dishes for next year's garden editorial features and November's Thanksgiving desserts. Not a bad day for tracking the path of garden to table. You'll get to see the fruits of our labor soon on an upcoming episode of Growing a Greener World and the garden recipes in the June 2014 Summer Cookbook. Stay tuned!