It's on Amazon's Treasure Truck.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Have you been keeping an eye on your Whole Foods app in anticipation for next week's Amazon Prime Day deals? Well, Whole Foods just surprised us with quite an exciting deal—Amazon's Treasure Truck is rolling through major cities today with an insane deal for loyal shoppers looking for an Instant Pot on the cheap.

The Amazon Treasure Truck will be at Whole Foods stores across the country today with an Instant Pot Duo Plus Mini for just $67.99. These are usually priced anywhere between $100 and $200, which is already a heck of a deal—but Whole Foods sweetened the pot (pun intended) by also including a $10 coupon towards any future $40 purchase at the grocery store. 

Amazon has previously brought amazing deals to local Whole Foods stores in nearly every state, and receiving first dibs on great deals like this one is an incentive for those who download the Amazon app in the first place. 

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In the past, Amazon’s Treasure Truck has been used for fun promotional events ranging from a special midnight release for the latest Harry Potter book to free giveaways of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Earlier this year, the trucks were re-mobilized to set up shop at your local Whole Foods, selling kitchen tech, ingredients, and “trending, local, or delicious items,” on the fly, according to a an official press statement.

Tonight's deal is good for as long as Whole Foods still has Instant Pots to sell—click here for more information on Amazon's Treasure Truck and this special deal.