Add ease to your cooking experience with Amazon's latest technology. 
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Credit: Photo: Amazon

We're all about technology that improves your kitchen experience, and the new Amazon Echo Show definitely fits that category. Featuring the ever-helpful Alexa, this hands-free product boasts a screen so she can show you things now instead of just being an audio guide. Available for preorder now and shipping June 28, the Echo Show may just change how your cook.

Below are four outstanding ways that the Echo Show will help you during your next kitchen experience:

Shopping List

Nothing is more frustrating than going on a grocery store run and realizing you left without that one essential ingredient. Or even worse, when a family member is at the store and you suddenly find that you're out of a necessary item. Both of these conundrums are solved with Echo Show. You can connect the new Echo to your phone via the Alexa app. Then when you run out of an ingredient, you can easily say what you're missing, and the Echo will add it to your shopping list. If someone else in the family is doing the shopping, adding an ingredient to your shopping list will make it automatically update on their app's list too. 


If you're in the midst of trying to cook, looking up an unfamiliar technique can be an arduous (and occasionally messy) task. Now you can easily call up videos that will have you cooking like a pro in no time. Not sure how to julienne that carrot? Or peel that butternut squash? Just ask Alexa and she'll show you exactly what you need to know.


Does that recipe call for a tablespoon or a teaspoon? Flipping through your favorite cookbook can end with messy pages, or using your computer in the midst of rolling out dough will result in a less-than-pristine keyboard. Asking the Echo Show to pull up the recipe you're working on is an easy and fast solution. The best part is that you have a screen to see the written out recipe, or Alexa will happily read off the ingredients list and directions.


You don't even have to pause your cooking frenzy to set a timer any more. Simply call out how long you need it set for, and the Amazon Echo Show will do that rest. You have a visual timer for reference and can also rely on Alexa to alert you when the time is up.

You can preorder the Echo Show at today for $229.99