You won't believe Aldi’s rock-bottom prices on their slow cooker and pressure cooker.
Credit: Photo: Bloomberg / Getty

The holiday season is upon us – and so is the time to get gifts for your family, friends, and ok, for yourself. Though buying gifts can quickly wreck havoc on your wallet, German-grocer Aldi is making is easier–and cheaper–to buy kitchen appliances before the holidays.

Slow cookers and Instant Pots often come at a hefty price – but shoppers are more than willing to drop hard earned cash on these kitchen workhorses. The good news? Aldi is currently running sales on their Crofton Pressure Cooker for just $39.99, and their 3.5 quart casserole-style slow cooker for just $19.99.

Both pieces of cookware are part of Aldi’s weekly specials program, where the items are deeply discounted and appear in-store for a limited period of time. Aldi’s pressure cooker has been available to shoppers since November 1and will be on shelves while supplies last. Their slow-cooker will be available starting November 15.

Credit: Photo: Aldi, Melisa Yunlu

The $40 pressure cooker is equipped with a steamer basket, and there are two different pressure settings that allow users to reduce cooking time by about 70 percent (perfect for saving time while cooking for the holidays!).

Credit: Photo: Aldi, Melisa Yunlu

The $20 slow cooker rivals that of a much more expensive CrockPot and is able to bring many of your favorite slow-simmering dishes to life. It can 3.5 quarts of food comfortably, making it the perfect tool for saving oven space and keeping food warm for guests.