Never mind the nirvana of freshly picked peaches. I've discovered a new tool that takes all my garden girl kitchen gadgets to task! Yes, the perfume of peaches is intoxicating and the rosy-glow skin makes everything seem peachy-keen. And yet it's that same fuzzy skin that keeps me from enjoying every dripping ounce of my fresh harvest. When I peel peaches with a knife, I fumble away some of the flesh with the skin. Trying this new serrated peeler ($9) from handy brand OXO changed all of that in one swipe. The tiny teeth are designed to slice through thicker skin of fruits, such as my peaches or tougher tomatoes. Sure, one could quickly zip it through boiling water and slip off the skins. But who wants to heat the stove this time of year?

And an extra bonus? Put those peach skins in a vodka bath to soak for a while. A jar of skins covered with liquor of your choice makes a delectable infusion for the very best summer cocktail.