These handy finds will help you cook and carve your Turkey Day bird to perfection.
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Credit: Greg DuPree

Gift registry–style carving knives look spiffy, but their dull blades make you saw furiously, mangling the turkey and squeezing out precious juice. But high-quality, razor-sharp slicers make carving effortless and yield Instagram-worthy turkey slices. We like these three:

Credit: Wusthof

Western-style Wüsthof Classic Ikon features an easy-to-wield 8-inch blade ($160,

Credit: Shun

Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicer with swirled Damascus steel is handsome and glides through meat ($150,

Credit: Dexter

Dexter Russell Sashimi Knife sports a precise foot-long blade at a tasty price ($44,

Stay Sharp

If your kitchen knives are anything like ours, they’re probably overdue for a sharpening. With these tools, it’s quick and easy to make them like new again.

Credit: Chef's Choice

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV
A three-stage machine that sharpens both straight and serrated blades in a minute flat; resharpening takes about 15 seconds. A smart investment for maintaining expensive, high-quality knives. ($210,   

Credit: KitchenIQ

KitchenIQ Edge Grip Sharpener  
The 50009 Edge Grip sets up on the end of a table or counter so you can manually run blades through two sharpening stages (coarse and fine). Although it’s not a powered sharpener, just a few pulls through each slot does the trick. Portable and easy to store at only 5 inches long, it comes in black, red, and green. ($6,

Check the Temp

Credit: Meater

A good thermometer takes guesswork out of turkey roasting. The Meater wireless thermometer goes beyond good—it’s great. The probe (complete with stylish wood-block charger) sends info to your smartphone to monitor turkey temp as it roasts, estimates remaining time, and alerts you when it’s done. ($69,