Most of the students at Longleaf Elementary weren't born in this country or even on this continent. Lewiston is home to one of the largest Somali and Sudanese immigrant communities in the U.S.

Corbin Lichtinger faced a unique challenge when he arrived. "These kids have a very different relationship with food than most other Americans their age," he says. "Where they grew up, people were dying from a lack of it."

To help create a sense of certainty, Lichtinger gave each student a section of the garden to call his or her own. "It ignited a real sense of ownership," he says.

Lichtinger also worked alongside the developers of a nutrition program for moms, showing them how to reduce sodium and sugar. "When you're not sure when the next meal is going to come, you cook in a different way."

"There'a s profound learning experience going on here--for the students and for me. It's helping me better understand how to view food."

Corbin Lichtinger is a FoodCorps service member working with St. Mary's Nutrition Centerin Lewiston, Maine.