The first few months of starting my job post-college I remember I was starting to lose my mind a little bit. My body was not used to sitting for this long, and I was not prepared for the exhaustion not physically moving for 10 hours caused. My concentration started to wane quicker, I was getting sleepy earlier than ever, and above all else, I felt like crap. I knew I actually had to make a change when I was sore after carrying my bag through the airport.

I started taking a break in the middle of the day where I would walk up the four flights of stairs in our building to get blood pumping again. My water bottle became my excuse to get up and move, whether that meant a quick refill or going to the bathroom.

You could even see me doing a few workouts in my cube now and then. (1) A favorite trick of mine is to use my rolling office chair to do triceps dips. Because you have to focus on keeping the chair in one spot it becomes a killer core workout as well as an arm workout. There's something to be said about keeping hand-weights at your desk. (2) Do a few arm workouts while you're reading your morning emails.

Feeling a little stiff? (3) Take a minute to stretch it out. The only person judging you is you. Stand up and touch your toes. Get into downward dog for a few breaths. Do whatever you have to do to find your balance at work. Take the time to take care of yourself.

Take a peek at the Cooking Light Family’s advice on staying healthy at the office.

  • (4) “Water, water, water! Keeping hydrated has been huge for me lately (especially with all the talking I've been doing in meetings-ha!) It seems to keep tension headaches at bay. Plus, I'm getting up frequently to refill my water bottle or go to the bathroom!” Sherri Wilson, Managing Editor
  • (5) “Head outside for some air or just get up from your desk every 30 minutes or so. Sitting is bad, walking is good. Get up and move around.” Matthew Moore, Cooking Light Diet Community Manager
  • (6) “If I'm feeling impossibly sleepy in the afternoon and coffee won't shake it, I see what I have on my shopping list at the moment (I have an ever running shopping list on Trello), then run down the street and either pick up some groceries or something like paper towels at Target. I get to leave the office and get some fresh air for about 20 minutes which helps me perk up, and I feel like I really accomplished something because I can cross something off of my outside the office to-do list and can go straight home after work instead of fighting traffic to go to the store.” Darcy Lenz, Assistant Food Editor
  • (7) “I am ALWAYS hungry and so always trying to find ways to stave that off. So for me, smart, portion-controlled snacks are key. My current go-to for mid-morning: 20 mixed nuts from the snack machine. Yes, I count them out, and yes, I immediately throw away anything over 20. I take my time eating them while I'm working, and they keep me full for a good long time.” Ann Pittman, Executive Food Editor
  • (8)I know it's somewhat counterproductive, but sometimes I'll get up and I go seek out interaction with coworkers I know will make me laugh. I'll just  show up at someone else's desk I know I can share a laugh with over essentially nothing, because laughing is good for you. And when you're feeling worn out and frustrated, laughing is especially good for you.” Darcy Lenz, Assistant Food Editor
  • (9)I park at the bottom of the parking deck and never take the elevator especially because we live in a driving town and sit all day at work.” Rebecca Longshore, Assistant Digital Editor
  • (10) “I like to go to the restroom or fill my water bottle on a different floor just to stretch a little.” Hannah Klinger, Associate Editor

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