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This week, we've put together a few tips for enjoying a happy, healthy Memorial Day weekend.

1. Think ahead. Simple things like staying hydrated and reapplying sunscreen are essential during a weekend when you are likely to spend many hours outdoors. Use our tips for healthy outdoor entertaining to keep you and your family safe.

2. Eat smart. It's easy to get caught up in the fun of a holiday weekend with family and friends, but remember the importance of well-balanced meals. That being said, you might wonder how you can have your burger without blowing your nutrition budget. It’s a challenge, but it’s one we think we’ve mastered in a delicious way over and over. Our guide to a healthier burger will keep calories in check without sacrificing any of the flavor you love.

3. Drink up. Refreshing and delicious, what's not to love about our favorite summer drinks and cocktails? With family-friendly options like Peach Lemonade and adult-favorites like our Blueberry Thrill, there's something to keep everyone cool on this warm holiday weekend. 

4. Act like a pro. Show everyone that you've mastered the art of grilling by defying our seven most common grilling mistakes. By preheating the grill, thoroughly mixing burger patties, and avoiding cooking over direct flames, you'll come out with delectable skewers, succulent burgers, and delightful veggies for everyone to enjoy. Study the guide now; you can thank us later.

5. Remember the meaning. With loved ones around and drinks free-flowing, the true meaning of Memorial Day can sometimes slip away. Let us remember the men and women who have died defending our nation and honor them in all of our celebrations this weekend.