[tiImage is_image="1" image_id="237089" align="center"] Ok, I already know that adding muscle helps burn real calories while I’m watching Real Housewives, but I’ll confess I’ve fallen off the weight lifting wagon. I was a devoted Body Pump attendee—a class at my local Y where you lift dumbbells in sync to Top 40 hits—until a few months ago.


What did I like about it? Honestly, I liked how efficient it was: We were over and done and had worked most of the major muscle groups in a little less than an hour. It allowed me the opportunity to listen to my musical guilty pleasures. It was a woman-centric weight lifting opportunity without interruption from the grunting, straining scary dudes in the real weight room (does anyone else liken a walk through the weight room to a zoo field trip?).


So I fell off the wagon during my recent elliptical kick (maybe I can blame it on the need to control my workout soundtrack?). I think I’ll take this month’s challenge as an opportunity to move my weight workout back home, away from the zoo animals at my gym. Maybe there’s some truth to the whole idea of working in reps between commercial breaks. I already own two 5-lb weights, but I know they’re not challenging enough. I like the tip in this month’s article that suggests you should only use weights that allow you to do an exercise 8 to 12 times. I think I’ll add resistance bands and heavier hand weights to my next shopping list.


What’s your favorite at-home strength move?