Hussy in the House

For the last few months, I've been stalked by a hussy. A @foodhussy, to be precise.

Heather Johnson, who uses that twitter handle has been trying to get my attention for the past few months to be a Healthy Habits coaching client. And this month, I called and said, "Whole grains is your month, Heather."

But Heather, being a call-it-like-she-sees it gal, was pretty disappointed. Whole grains. Big whup. She was all excited for a month of "Cooking More,"  or even "Exercising," but adding three servings of whole grains every day? It just didn't have the sexiness of those other months for Heather.

You see, Heather loves to eat. When we spoke, she had started her day with a cinnamon bun and lunch was a hot dog. "Three servings? Where am I going to find room for three servings of whole grains?" she asked.

So we broke it down: whole-grain toast is a great way to start the day. And tell you what, put a little butter and your favorite jam on it. Make it taste good. We're not taking anything AWAY, we're just adding. If you have two slices, that's two servings.

Another easy to swallow whole grain: popcorn. Really. 1 cup of popcorn and another serving down.

So that got a big "Oh. I can do this," from Heather. And with that, my little hussy picked three whole grain recipes that she promised to try this week. And believe it or not, she's already made one of them and loved it; feel free to read about it on her blog.

Here are the recipes Heather has selected:

Bulgar & Lamb Meatballs (this is the one she made; and loved!)

Oh, and one other thing. Heather's husband do I say this...extremely attractive. In fact, Heather calls him her trophy husband. He's a personal trainer and works out at the gym 5 days a week. Heather is 5'5", 240 pounds and pretty hot herself. But she wants to lose some weight so that she can better keep up with him. She lost 60 pounds a couple years ago; and tortured herself to do it. It came back fast, after a lot of hard work. I think there's a better way to get herself to her ideal get-up-and-go weight, and so does she.

That's something else we'll be talking about this month, since adding whole grains suddenly seems very doable. Come back and visit and give the hussy a holler!