Elisa is our June: Get Stronger coaching client, and we'll be working together to find two days a week where she can strength train.

Last weekend, Elisa celebrated her son's 1st birthday with her husband, 7-year-old daughter, friends and family. She's intent on losing the baby weight and loves to exercise. She describes herself as "strong, agile, and coordinated," and in the past has played tennis, basketball, biked, and loves taking classes at the gym.

She's an entrepreneur and has started (and sold) a couple of successful businesses. Prior to having kids, she always found time to exercise. She's Italian, loves to cook, and incorporates a lot of fruit and vegetables in to her meals.

Elisa has a lot going for her in terms of healthy living. What she doesn't have is time. She leaves the house at 6AM for her job, and isn't home until 5PM, where she's got just enough time to prep dinner and do the baths before her kids go down to sleep.

So where do we find pockets of time for Elisa? There's no way I am going to ask her to wake up earlier than 5AM for exercise. And after those kids go to sleep is the time she always plans to exercise, but never gets it done. Instead, she plops down into a chair for a well deserved rest and beats herself up for not exercising.

That's a big old red flag for me. I hate to hear that anyone is beating themselves

Challenge 1: Find time for Elisa

Remember, we're only looking for two exercise sessions a week, so Elisa picked a weekend morning and a weekday evening. Elisa will do two 30-45 minute sessions; enough to work up a sweat but not require massive rescheduling.

Challenge 2: Find an exercise for Elisa

Though Elisa loves the gym, committing to a scheduled class, and taking the time to get there and back isn't going to happen right now. But the good news is, she lives in a hilly neighborhood with a 3-mile loop for walking or bike riding. And thanks to some injuries (and physical therapy), she has weights and exercise balls in the house, along with a pool in the backyard and a bit of a Wii Dance Habit (something she and her 7-year old daughter love to do).

Elisa has tons of exercise options in and around the house. So if she can just find two times a week to commit, she can get back into a regular strength training exercise program.

I know she can do it (and so can you if you're in a similar situation). It's just two days. It's just two days.