So, one piece of advice I got for my Veggie Up! challenge was to choose ethnic restaurants due to the many offers of vegetable-based entrées.  Recently I ate at C’om Vietnamese Grill on Buford Highway in Atlanta with 2 friends who are also committed to the 12 Healthy Habits program with me.  We split 2 dishes among the 3 of us.  We chose Talapia and Lamb Banh-Hoi Flat Rice Vermicelli which is an authentic Vietnamese dish.  The fish and meat came with bamboo-steamed flat rice, noodles to be wrapped with fresh lettuce, cucumber, green papaya, daikon (which is a Japanese white radish), carrots, mint, thai basil, and cilantro.  I just had to take a photo—see all those gorgeous vegetables!  It was delicious, filling, and fit perfect with my program.  It’s now fun for me to find the dish on any menu that will allow me 2 to 3 servings of vegetables.  In fact, I think I’m obsessed with finding the dish on the menu that is most chocked full of veggies.  

When I do eat at home, I have found a great ingredient for my salads.  I like a little crunch to my salads so I now buy broccoli slaw—it’s high in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C.  I also like it because there is something about eating full heads of broccoli that’s not as appealing to me.  So I cut up the broccoli slaw and mix it in with my salads.  It’s a tasty way to get that extra serving of vegetables in for the day.  


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