You would think that in summer's hot months I would have no problem controlling my love of fats like heavy cream and butter. But, in fact, I can always find ways to use them, even when lighter fare is on the menu.

Summer has so much flavor on its own that I don’t want it covered up by the fats of butter and cream. I want them enhanced! So "use sparingly" is my motto these days.

Some of my favorite enhancements include: a touch of cream on my sun-warmed strawberries, a dab of butter in my fresh field pea succotash. By a “touch” and a “dab,” I mean one tablespoon or less. The richness of these fats will come through and add a new dimension to the sweetness of summer’s best!

Try our recipe for Spinach-and-Strawberry Salad and notice how the small, but elemental, amount of feta cheese rounds out the dish and boosts the flavor of the strawberries, fennel, and spinach!