We’ve all heard it before - breakfast is such an important meal of the day – especially for kids. Studies have shown that children who regularly eat breakfast are more likely to meet their recommended dietary intake for vitamins and minerals, and a good breakfast can promote mental alertness and consistent energy intake. So when you have a short window of time before the school bell rings and a picky eater on your hands, a foolproof breakfast strategy is key!

I always aim to prepare a quick and easy breakfast that is full of fiber, whole grains, protein and as little sugar as possible. Many typical breakfasts fall short on protein, so consider adding eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or nut butters to your routine to give your kids the wakeup they need. I try to set aside ten minutes every morning so that a protein-rich breakfast is feasible – but if cold cereal is the only way to make it to school on time, avoid any sugary varieties.. I recommend 365 Everyday Value® Organic Morning O’s, which are free of any artificial preservatives, flavors colors and sweeteners.

For other speedy breakfast suggestions, try a few of these fun options that can be enjoyed on the run:

  • Smoothie with a dollop of nut/seed butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs + whole grain crackers and fresh fruit
  • Whole grain toast with cream cheese, tomato and turkey bacon

For more breakfast inspiration, see some of my favorites below:


Nona Evans, Whole Kids Foundation President & Executive DirectorNona has a longstanding passion for improving the experience of children's education. She has married passion with the importance of nutrition and access to healthy food choices through Whole Kids Foundation, a philanthropic endeavor of Whole Foods Market. Driven by a belief that the best way to ensure a bright future is to inspire it in young people, Nona has spent the last chapter of her career focusing on innovative partnerships that improve education and support healthier foodservice programs in schools.

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