Look, the Hussy is a tough sell. When we started, whole grains were like kryptonite to her. I could come at her with a spoonful and she'd bob and weave her head and tighten her lips. It just wouldn't go in.

My hope after working with the Hussy for a couple weeks was that her hate-hate relationship with whole grains would evolve the more she got to know them.

And boy has it. First of all, she's so into quinoa now she's proselytizing to her mother and close friends saying, "It's just like the white rice we love, except it's better for you. Protein and stuff." Quinoa is a new staple in her home. And Larry likes it too. Her most recent win was this Shrimp and Quinoa recipe.

Speaking of rice, she's giving brown rice a shot this week. I told her about our editor's favorite, boil-in-bag brown rice, and she's agree to give it a shot. No more using "it takes too long" as an excuse; this product found many new fans when we put conducted our Taste Test Awards last year.

But here's the best part, and the first time @foodhussy actually used the word "love" to describe how she felt about a whole grain. Corn is one of Heather's favorite foods, but she'd been staying away from it because she heard it was full of empty calories. But corn kept showing up on all the whole grain lists. Seemed too good to be true, so I checked in with our resident Registered Dietitian, Sidney Fry. And here's what she said:

"While fresh corn is often classified as a vegetable, it is also a grain, and is a whole grain in its full form.  I spoke with a member of the Whole Grains Council, who investigated to find that a USDA serving of whole kernel corn (which is about 82 grams, or ½ cup) has about 20 grams of whole grains.  If eating canned corn, make sure the corn is drained before measuring. Grits, hominy, cornmeal, and corn flour are NOT always whole grain, and anything 'degerminated' is not a whole grain."

That was great news for Heather: 20 grams of whole grain in a 1/2 cup serving! An ear of corn will yield at least a cup of kernels; and remember, Heather's goal is 3 servings a day. Suddenly the challenge of whole grains isn't a challenge at all: it's a reason to eat the food that Heather loves anyway.