For those who eat to live, eating is a means to an end, like making your bed. 

For those who live to eat, cooking and eating and shopping for food is a passion. It's an event, and a hobby.

Zoe lives to eat. She's not going to follow a sparse diety-diet with recommendations like half a melon, cottage cheese and diet soda (doesn't that sound so eighties? And not in a good way).

When Zoe and I started working together, bread was her bugaboo. She felt guilty about eating it. But now, she realizes that it's not something she needs to deny herself. We gave her three rules for breakfast ("I like following rules," says Zoe), so that her focus is on what she adds, like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. By adding "virtuous" foods, she can actually enjoy that slice of bread that used to make her feel guilty.

This month Zoe pursued her big "by-my-thirtieth-birthday" goal of baking fresh bread at home. And true to the food and cooking lover she is, when she bakes bread, she doesn't want to use a bread machine, she wants to knead. This month, she has successfully made yeast-based flatbreads, and less successfully made a whole wheat loaf in her bread machine. She realizes that her failures are stepping stones on the way to success, "Artisanal baking won't happen over night." Zoe says, "It's a lifelong skill."

She's ditched prim and un-Zoe foods like cottage cheese in favor of lean-protein Fage yogurt because, "I actually like it, I'm not just eating to be healthy." Zoe wants a healthier lifestyle that isn't boring, so by focusing on savory breakfasts that she enjoys, she founds ways to feel good about the food she eats while eating the food she likes. 

If you're a Cooking Light reader, than you're likely a "live to eat" cook too, otherwise your diet would be shakes and bars and making homemade food wouldn't have the priority in your life that it does. When you make healthy living choices, it's important to know yourself, recognize the food lover inside you, and stop denying him or her. Figure out the healthy foods you need to add to your regimen (and Cooking Light can show you delectable ways to cook them) so that you can enjoy the foods you want.

If you're a parent (or have ever had a parent), it's the old "Eat your veggies before you can have dessert," line. Same goes here. And trust me, what kid ever feels any guilt about dessert? No kid I know. Same goes for you. Just have the fruits veggies and whole grains your body needs, then enjoy those foods you want.

And in Zoe's case, the food she wants is whole grain bread. No need to feel guilty there!

Please drop me a line via our Cooking Light Facebook page if you'd like to be considered as our June Healthy Habits Coaching Client. This month, our goal Get Stronger! Add strength training to your fitness regimen at least two times per week.

I look forward to hearing from you!